Loving Your Best Friend

Your face is perfection and beauty all blended together. I can’t remember how and when it all began, but the feel of your touch when you sat next to me, makes me look forward to something better; something fairy-tale-like, something magical.

Your eyes remind me of the stars in a pitch black night, with the gorgeous spark that lights up the dark skies. Your voice is harmony; it brings music to my soul. Talking to you makes the arms of the clock immoveable; your presence is like time lapse in the axis of the universe.

You are the reason I want to love again, the very one who makes me see love as a beautiful thing, that love is not scary. You are the poetry in my unfinished journal, and the story that I want to read forever.

You are the fulfillment of that song written by the hands of God, the notes that make music sound so pleasing. You are the warmth of every summer night, and the chill of every sunny day.

These are the things I meant to tell you since day one. Things I kept hidden for the longest time. Things I wanted you to know, yet too afraid I’d lose you if you are to find out.

You are the captivity to my long lost dreams. Your hands are the ones I wish I could clasp with mine. You are the lover I wish to be with but can never have.

You are one of the many reasons why I am able to smile today. You gave me the hope that maybe, just maybe…you and I, can be. I cannot quite retaliate; if I came too late, or that you have found someone too soon, or that you’re just noticing, or rather avoiding to acknowledge… all I am sure of is that, we missed the path where our destiny is supposed to meet.

You are the reason I hold dear to hope…you are the reason why I hope for things to change… and I hope things change soon.

I wish for the day I become the address of your love and compassion, that very day you realize I am the one… and has been the one since the day our eyes met.

You are the entity that fuels my willingness to look forward to that day…when you and I “will be”. I know I’ve pushed the boundary, and although I get so frustrated sometimes, I badly want to rewrite that fine line that connects our lives, and highlight it with a yellow marker that would indicate we are meant to intertwine, in a hoop that is bound to never end. I badly want to be the one, for you are the one I ought to love… but I cannot have.

This confession does not long for your answer or judgment. I just wanted you to know that I accounted for all possibilities, for every turn my little intervention might bring. This I ask of you: Don’t look at me with sympathy, don’t treat me with sincerity out of pity – just smile genuinely, the reason behind doesn’t have to be me. I just wanted to enlighten you, of how wonderful a person you are. You are an inspiration to someone…you are an inspiration to me.

You and I are too close, yet at the same time, too distant… I ask myself now . . .what if?

What if it has always been you and me? I won’t conclude for sure, but I will cherish that I have you in my life. Even if we stay like this, I will always admire the type of person you are; And if I were to love you more than a friend, I will make sure I am still your best friend.

I’m so sorry, I did not mean to make us feel awkward…for we are best friends – and it makes me happy to tell you how deeply I fell in love with you.


-Credits: Aman Mishra


The way you feel when someone dies

You might start to think long and hard about the way you treat people, realizing you never know when the last time you’ll see someone is.

This goes out to all those who lost their loved ones at some point of their life. A noble man once said me “Despair not my friend cause ‘smile’ is what they want to see on your lips and ‘happy’ is what they want you to be no matter what the circumstances might be.”


  • This is not possible.

I woke up to a series of text messages and missed calls from a friend who I knew wouldn’t be trying to reach me at 9 AM on a Sunday if it wasn’t important. And I’d had several people hanging out at my house the night before enjoying a campfire. Apparently one of them didn’t make it home. After she told me this on the phone, I got out of bed, and, did what I knew how to do: I made breakfast. Ten minutes later, while sitting in silence with a friend on my porch, the truth of what she said made its way to the front of my brain, like a detour I had to take on a route home. I could no longer carry on ignoring what she’d said, and had to let my heart and brain try to embrace it. But how does that fit into daily life? To find out someone you were just with 12 hours earlier spent their last hours on Earth with you? I broke down and cried, more of a body convulsing kind of cry than tears. There was fear, heartache, and a heaviness I have never felt.

  • I’m fine.

I met my friend at work. He was 24 when he passed away in a single-car crash after leaving my house. The day after I found out he died, I went to work to be with my coworkers when they found out. We walked around the parking lot, and I mostly tried to comfort my friends who were crying. It seems my adrenaline was in overdrive at this point because I was going through the motions and didn’t feel the weight of sadness anymore.

  • This isn’t fair.

Why did someone so young die? What is the purpose? Why do I have to deal with this? Why does his family have to face this tragedy? Why did my friends not reach out to me and bring me food? Why did they not visit me? Why did my parents not say the right things? Why did my boss expect me to continue working? No one understood. I had enough energy and angst to run ten miles but also had no motivation to move or get out of bed, so my anger at God, at my boss, at everyone, manifest itself by yelling at my mom. Thank God for the idea to go pick strawberries that day to get rid of some energy and get out of the house. Being active and around other people helped.

  • This is too much for me to handle.

I returned to work immediately after my friend died, and I remember staring at the screen on my computer and not actually registering any of the text I was looking at. I was there, but my mind was a thousand miles away. Hearing other people on the phones doing business sounded like nails on a chalkboard and also like something out of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Everything was blurry. I felt so detached, and sensitive. Their voices grew louder, and everyone was talking so fast, it seemed, I felt dizzy, nauseous, and that I would burst. There is no way to hold in tears and you should let them fall out of your eyeballs whenever you need to. Hopefully your coworkers will understand. Also, give yourself all the time you need. I wish someone would’ve said this to me, not, “take a day off,” but, “don’t rush back to work or feel you need to do anything. Take the whole week off, please.”

  • My friends don’t care. This was the biggest surprise to me.

I have a wide social circle, and feel thankful many of my friends are very supportive. But during this experience, I really wanted them to visit me but I didn’t know how to ask and felt I was inconveniencing them. Texting isn’t enough. This isn’t to make anyone feel guilty. This taught me how I respond, too, when I hear someone is dealing with something terrible and how I’d do it differently in the future. I’ve definitely said through text, “Let me know if there’s anything you need,” to a friend. Now I learned, knowing what you need is the hardest thing about dealing with death. It’s impossible to know what will make you feel better. If you can think of anything, name it! Your friends really don’t know what to say or do. What I would tell anyone to do if you’re trying to support someone who’s experiencing a loss is: visit them. Spend time with them in person and insist on it, even if they tell you they want to be alone. If you’re experiencing a loss: Tell your friends to come to your house. Tell your parents to visit you and stay with you if they are nearby. Don’t apologize for asking. They want to help you and don’t know how.

  • What am I doing with my own life?

You question what you’re doing with your life because you realize how short it is. Every 20-something can relate to the term “existential crisis.” We have them on an hourly basis. If you’re already questioning what you’re passionate about and what you want to do for a career, and you experience losing a friend, you may feel all of that uncertainty put under a microscope and magnified. You’ve seen firsthand that life is short, and it’s a gift you’ve been given that perspective at a young age, actually. After you’ve given yourself all of the time you need to heal, you will have that perspective to help you put energy into making your life into what you want it to be, whether it’s changing jobs, going back to grad school, breaking up with someone you don’t see a future with, moving, etc. But don’t expect everything to change so quickly.

  • Do people know I love them?

You might start to think long and hard about the way you treat people, realizing you never know when the last time you’ll see someone is. I noticed, so many people commented on how generous my friend Nate was. He moved a piano into my house after knowing me for less than a month. I mean, “generous” is an understatement. This made me think a lot about my own legacy. Do the people I care about know how much they mean to me? I can be pretty sarcastic to my co-workers. What if they don’t realize how much I would miss them if something ever happened to them? When I die, I want people to say I am selfless, that I loved others well, and that means I need to make it a priority to be that way. This is really hard. It feels like a ton of pressure because your words have so much weight! What if this is your last conversation with your boyfriend ever? That’s not a healthy way to think. Nobody is perfect, and you are growing, and learning every day.

  • I Should Be Over This Already, Shouldn’t I?

You’ll think you’re past it and a wave of sadness will come over you when the sun sets a certain way and you’ll question if you’re dwelling on it too much. Is it still normal to feel sad every once in a while after 6 months? Yes. It is normal to feel sad whenever you feel sad and it is totally valid. If you’re comfortable talking to a counselor, don’t hesitate. They won’t change anything, but they can help you by listening, and it’ll only come back to haunt you later if you try to bury your feelings and don’t confront them.

  •  My friend would want me to be happy right now.

You remember that time your friend blared country music and had a day party in your kitchen because he was so excited it was Saturday. It feels like a burst of energy to remember how much your friend loved life, how funny they were, and how they would want you to be enjoying your life, so you try to honor them. You might dance a little longer to your favorite song or sing with the windows down in your car because you know they’d want you to be happy.

  •  I don’t want to do this alone.

You may get the urge to see his or her family or write to them or hang out with other friends who knew your friend who died. Always seize the urge to connect with others when you feel led to! They are probably waiting for someone to give them the chance to open up and it feels good to talk about your friend, even though it feels heavy. You’re all doing the best you can, but no one can do it alone.


But Life Goes On!


P.S This is a work of fiction. Anything and any incidents are either the products of the writer’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



We May Be Different, But We Are Meant To Be

You and I are meant to be!

I know you wanted it to work, and I think you knew I did too. But instead, all we learned is sometimes things don’t. Sometimes things that are beautiful fall apart, no matter how much of yourself you invest, no matter how much love you’re willing to put in, and no matter how vulnerable you’re willing to get. Instead of what we had blossoming, it stopped, because we knew it had to.

I will never not blame timing. Had we been older, had we not been moving, had we been at different points in our lives, it would have lasted. There are so many “if onlys” and if all of them had aligned, it would have worked out. We would’ve worked out, that is. We could’ve stayed together, fought for each other, and kept making each other happy. We could’ve kept showing each other love and support. Our fingers would never have had to unlearn the feeling of the other person’s skin. Our lips would never have had to unmemorize the other’s.

Too often, I wake up thinking “what if?” What if I was waking up with you next to me? What if you were the first person I called when I woke? What if every morning, there was a text from you, telling me you woke up thinking about me too?

Every once and a while I still get that text, and I guess it reminds me that these things, these feelings, these regrets, even, are real for you too. People have always told me that when you break up with someone, you can’t turn to them for support. In fact, they’re the one person you aren’t supposed to go to. But we still go to each other. We still lean on each other for sympathy when one of us needs the other. When someone has been your primary support system for so long, it’s impossible to cut that connection off, and it’s even more difficult when there wasn’t a “reason” for the break up.

That’s the shittiest part of timing not being on our side. There was no other great reason to separate. There was no blow-out fight, no cheating, no messes or fires to put out or people saying the wrong thing. There was no incompatibility. There was only the numbing realization that this wasn’t our time, and that prolonging the end was useless. That’s all there was. And because of that, there wasn’t a reason to be mad at you. I almost want to be mad at you, because that would make things so much easier, but I can’t be. You did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. And yet, we’re not together anymore.

In the end though, we weren’t the only two things in the world that had to line up perfectly. I know we did, but there are thousands of other minuscule variables in the universe that also have to line up for real love to work and to last.

You once told me you would always have a place for me in your heart, and I hope that stays true. We will live in different places, and be with different people, and do different things. And at some point, the desperate desire to call the other person whenever we have good news (or whenever we fail) will fade. But I hope the door to each other’s lives never fully closes. Because even though the timing wasn’t right, I know we were for you said ‘We maybe different, but we are meant to be.’

Book That You Can Never Read

You can read my words but you can’t really understand my sentences, you can’t understand why I paused after a certain sentence or why I ended a sentence with an exclamation mark rather than a full stop.

You can read my headlines but you won’t grasp what I’m trying to say, you won’t know if it’s a misleading headline or a headline that has nothing to do with what I’m truly trying to say. In other words, you can’t sum me up in one headline.

When I write about loving you, you’d think that I can’t sleep at night thinking about you, but the truth is, I write about a familiar feeling; a moment in time when life was wondrous and I was mesmerized. A feeling that struck me once before that I couldn’t forget.

I write about how you made me feel because I loved that feeling — not you.

When I write about missing you, I write about the person you used to be, the person you pretended you were or the person I thought you were. I write about whom I thought you were and the things you made me believe in. I miss the rush of emotions, the whopping smile on my face when I saw your name on my phone, the bright future that I painted in all my favorite colors and the moment I realized that I’m capable of loving unconditionally.

I write about missing everything about that phase but that doesn’t mean I want to call you or I want you back. Missing you serves as an inspiration not a final statement. You can translate my words into your language but it still won’t make sense because you and I speak in very different languages with totally different connotations. You can try to read between the lines but you’ll always find them blurry and murky because you interpret things according to how your mind operates and your mind is a maze.

My words are a reflection of me; they can be contradicting, they can be wise, they can be childish, they can be insane, they can be idealistic, they can be flawed, they can be harsh and they can be fragile. My words can be a lot of things but they will always be real. I’m an open book because I write about the finest details but you were never detail-oriented so you will never understand the depth of my words.

My book is open, you can flip through my pages or highlight my words but you will never be able to pin me down, because it takes more than reading from a distance to know me, it takes more than a few words to figure me out and it takes a lot more than reading to know my story but you never had the courage to finish the story till the end.

So you can read my book a thousand times but you still won’t be able to read me.


12 Days Seemed Like 12 Years.

It is one thing to have a best friend. It’s another to have that friend also be your room neighbor. You’re no longer just friends. You become something of a family. And when they have to leave after 12 days with you in the dwindling time you even have left together, it becomes a very sad sad day.

With your absence, I lose a partner-in-crime, a drinking buddy, a Whatsapp best friend, series marathons, late night revelations, a telepathic partner, a confidante, a news source, a personal life and gym coach, a cuddy buddy, a souse-chef, a mother and so much more. However, this absence only reminds me what it means to have friend like you. It reminds me how special these bonds are and the importance of people like you in my life. Its friends like you that know me better than I know myself. It’s this kind of friend that reminds me that I deserve better when I need to hear it, and know when to keep their mouths shut when I need to figure it out for myself. It’s these friends who are by my side without ever having to ask. It’s these kinds of friend like you I know were meant to be more than just college roommates, but lifelong friends.

As you embark on this journey on your own, you understand that this is only the beginning. That soon enough, we will each begin our own path in pursuit of fulfilling our own unique desires and dreams. With your day of departure fast-approaching there is only one more time where we can spend entire night lying in bed watching series (Breaking Bad), talking endlessly about girls, discussing future wedding plans, contemplating our futures, while not giving a fuck or understanding how close the departure and future really is. But that future is the scary part. We’re being tossed into the world (and by world I mean moving back into our parents houses looking desperately for jobs) like a chicken with our heads cut off, not knowing what to do next. And not only will it be the first time in your life you may not be returning to institution, but it will be the first time in a very long time that this physical separation between you and me is more than just temporary. But again, it’s this kind of friend that I know were meant to be more than just college roommates. We are meant to be lifelong friends. So no, I’m no longer that sad you’re leaving, because I know it’s not the end, but only the beginning of what’s to come.

P.S. It hurts when you lose someone close to you on the very same date and month.

3 AM

It’s 3 am and the night still asks me about you and all I can do is ask the night to let me sleep and bring you in my dreams and maybe one of those nights my dream will come true and the night will stop asking me about you.

It’s at 3 am that the night hits me and asks me about you. It asks me how you’re doing and I still don’t have an answer. I like to believe that you’re fine but a part of me doesn’t really want you to be fine without me. The stars ask me if you still shine everywhere you go and if your smile still brightens up anyone’s day and I can’t help but say yes, because even if I haven’t seen you, I know that you’ll always shine even if it’s dark inside you. And sometimes the night and I wonder if you miss me and if you’re also looking out the window waiting for a miracle.

The moon asks me if I will ever forget you, and I can’t help but confess that I’ve learned to forget everything in the past but I couldn’t forget the way you made me feel, I tell the moon that I learned how to forget everyone who hurt me but I still haven’t learned how to forget you. And even the moon can’t forget you because it’s always full when I’m missing you. The skies ask me if I’ll ever reach out to you and I tell them that I’m scared of not getting a response but the truth is I’m scared more of getting a response, I’m scared of hearing your voice and I’m terrified of loving you again. And sometimes the skies make the night a little bit warmer when I think about you.

I wonder if the night will ever stop haunting me at 3 am to ask me about you. Sometimes I think the night is lonely and missing some company but then every time I bring someone else, the night gets colder and moon disappears.

I think I’m bound to spend my nights remembering you and there is nothing more I can do because the night was not made to be alone, the stars were not meant to shine above a broken heart and the moon was not meant to hide behind the clouds. The night craves love and intimacy, the night needs two souls bound together by its beauty, comforting each other from the troubles of the day.

And it’s the like the night conspired to keep me up until you’re back to me.

It’s 3 am and the night still asks me about you and all I can do is ask the night to let me sleep and bring you in my dreams and maybe one of those nights my dream will come true and the night will stop asking me about you.

To The One I Left Back Home.

But I want you to know that wherever this home may be, miles and miles away or a block away, I will always love you and you will forever be my favorite home and you will always be the reason why I will keep on fighting and I will try to win.

It’s been a hard journey but I’m finally heading somewhere, the road is still long and the destination is not crystal clear but I’ve finally learned how to drive in the storms and keep on driving until the sun shines again. I sometimes wish I could just go back home and not have to deal with any of these hurdles, but I feel like maybe something big is waiting for me at the end of the road; something told me that I need to go find myself away from the comfort of my bed and the warmth of your hugs. I had to leave so I can grow, so I can be the person you told me I was; the potential you saw in me that I couldn’t see in myself and the person you wanted me to be.

I have tried to find people like you to make the road easier but it was hard to find anyone that could replace you but I learned that you will always be irreplaceable and it would be unfair to compare anyone I meet to you. I’ve met a lot of people who did not resemble me, who did not even speak my language but I found so much value in our differences and they trained me to find the balance in sticking to my roots while trying to understand them. I realized there’s so much more to explore outside the realm of our little jokes and our familiar conversations, outside the luxury of not having to explain myself or wonder if someone misunderstood me and outside the silence we never really feared, but here, silence makes you think, it makes you question, it could drive you crazy – silence is petrifying.

I often hear people complain about the distance or how much they missed home and I would always say well they should just go back, until I was repeatedly faced with the same feeling and I almost booked a one way ticket back home but I didn’t want this to be the end of my journey. I didn’t want to come home the same person that left and I didn’t want to come home without a fight, I didn’t want to come home when I haven’t battled anyone. I wanted to come back as a winner, a champion or a fighter, someone who fought till the end, someone who tried and someone who didn’t let you down.

Because it’s the fight that keeps you going, it’s the lonely days and the tearful nights, the disappointments and the heart breaks, the setbacks and the naysayers and it’s those who want to bring you down who keep you racing to the top. No one said it would be easy to start over and if I can’t handle the stones I encounter on the way then I don’t deserve the diamonds that I’m searching for. But I want you to know that you keep me going more than anyone, when everything is bleak, I remember the nights we spent laughing and singing randomly as we chat, I remember the nights we held each other tight whenever one of us was hurting and I remember all the crazy memories we had and the silly things we did and these memories make me feel alive. They remind me of how lucky I am that I have people like you to come home to, they remind me that no matter how far I wander, you’re still close to me – closer than ever.

And I want you to know that I will be okay; at times I may get lost and at times I may struggle to stay in touch with you but I will never completely disappear, I will never not know where I am or how to go back and I will never forget where I came from.

I want you to know that I didn’t leave because of you, I left because of me, because of the person I was becoming, because of the person I was turning into and because I started to feel like I didn’t belong but I learned that home doesn’t have to be one place, that you could have many homes in your lifetime but you’ll still have one special home you loved more, one special home you miss, one special home you had the best times in and I think I want to live in other homes for a while, I want to see what other homes will welcome me in and I want to have as many homes as possible before I decide to settle in one.

But I want you to know that wherever this home may be, miles and miles away or a block away, I will always love you and you will forever be my favorite home and you will always be the reason why I will keep on fighting and I will try to win.

I’ll Never Forget You

I’ll never forget you no matter how hard I try.

Missing you is a thing I have gotten used to. It’s a thing I’ve been forced to get used to. It’s a shame because it’s so easy to forget the people in your life who you knew never cared about you. But to forget those who used to love you? No. You can’t forget that. 

I don’t love you anymore.

At least, not in the way I used to. It used to be a 24/7, “till death do us part”, “you are going to have my kids” type of love. Now it’s a “sometimes I smell you in the air”, and “sometimes I miss the way you held me” type of love. It’s not filled with substance. Now, it’s just filled with silence, with old Facebook pictures and a “hey, how are you?” every few months. 

Isn’t it mind boggling to think that a few years ago I shared every single thought that popped in my head to someone that is now frankly, a stranger? How does that happen? At what day did it all change? Was it in the morning when you saw the sun and knew that I wasn’t yours anymore? Was it in the evening when you saw the moon and thought it was more beautiful than me? I guess I’ll never know.

I don’t have false hope about us anymore. I know it’s over. It’s done with. It is just footprints on the dirt that has been covered up by the seasons many rain falls. And guess what? Knowing that doesn’t make me bitter anymore. It makes me happy that at least once I got to experience something worthwhile. It makes me happy that my heart knows how to love. 

But I can’t forget you. Not now and not ever. I think a part of you is stapled onto my heart forever. Or maybe you’re painted on it. Permanent brush strokes that make me happy and sad at the same time. It’s weird how time can get you accustomed to missing someone. It’s almost like I’m content with it. Because I know I’m surviving and that my heart is still beating even with the paint brushed on it. And that’s all that matters. 

I am reminded of you only some days now as opposed to every second of every minute. It’s kind of nice. I see a kid with lanky legs and I smile because I see him in you. I see a couple kissing on the street and I laugh because I see us in them. It’s haunting. But, maybe it’s a nice ghost instead of a scary one.

I guess this is called acceptance. I am finally accepting all of it. I’m accepting that I will never forget you. And that trying to forget you would just rub salt on my wound. I’ll always share a crack of my heart with you. And I think that crack is painted “Red” because it’s the album we listened to all the time together.

And it’s nice. You’re always with me even though you never will be. It’s nice to know, I’ll never forget you no matter how hard I try.


P.S. I know that’s how you feel now, don’t you? 🙂


It’s making plans and not being able to fulfill them. It’s calling a friend and pretending you’re fine for an hour, only to collapse on the floor crying afterwards – they’re going back to their life, imperfect, stressful, complicated, as it may be. You on the other hand, are just back to your non-life – or had you ever left it?

People speak to you and you can hear the words and you can feel the pain of the people around you. You hear them scream, cry, argue with each other because they don’t know what to do about you anymore and you don’t even manage to care for them. You feel detached. Or so you think, as the guilty feeling that arose when you realized you were the factor to your own destruction sinks a little bit deeper; you know they’re hurting because of you. Yet another thing you’re destroying. You lie in bed gathering the necessary energy to make this day a good one, and as soon as you’ve stepped out of your room the only thing you want is to get back to bed – in there no one can hurt you and you cannot hurt anyone. This is not true of course, you hurt the same anywhere, but at least in here you can be who you truly are: the shadow of the person you once were, locked up in your own pain and despair.

You feel foolish when asked the reason of your illness, surely something big happened to you. You were well fed, had a loving family, pursuing brilliant studies, you are twenty and there’s so much you could do in your life. There must have been an awful reason that justifies your current state. But there’s not. And even if there were a reason people could relate to, it wouldn’t mean they would understand what you’re going through. You avoid the pain as much as you can. Depression is insidious; when it first starts you avoid it by performing your daily activities, ignoring your demons that are eager to resurface. Until you cannot any more. Until you cannot pretend that you’re fine. Until the pain creeps through every one of your activities. You look for other ones, actions that will help you numb it. Not get over it, or get better, just shut the pain. For a minute, or an hour, even for days. Just ignore it for a while until only a few things can make you forget (reading? Watching tv? Doing crosswords? – All those useless and unproductive activities that will lead you nowhere but at least keep the suffering out of your mind for a moment). You fight the pain, stress, anxiety that sinks a little deeper everyday. You fight it until you’re out of breath, until it’s so big you cannot hide from it anymore. You fight it until it takes over and you’re left with nothing but your sorrow.

You can’t fall asleep and often cry yourself to sleep. You don’t want to wake up, only go back to bed, for it is in your sleep that your brain tricks the pain the best. You try and fall back asleep hoping that if you sleep long and often enough, it will make it go away. Confronted with the incomprehension and skepticism, you sometimes, selfishly and foolishly, wish that you had a “real” illness. A tangible one. Something people could see, could relate to. Something that would make what you’re going through real, make you feel like less of freak and more of a person.

But it is real. Depression is an illness. It doesn’t need reasons good enough for other people, or even rational ones. All it needs is for these reasons to be good enough for you. Is it written somewhere that because you’re not starving to death, or because you’re smart and have a loving family you have to be happy? Does this mean everyone who doesn’t have those things should be unhappy? The pain is real. It’s not laziness, it’s not procrastination, it’s not a caprice. Just like after a hard fall, you’re unable to move. Only, no one can tell you how long exactly it will take for the injuries to be fixed and for you to move on with your life.

However dark the place you’re in may be, never forget that so many people suffer from the same illness. Depression is real, your pain is real, and it was never said anywhere that you were not allowed to be unhappy. Lastly, depression is not who you are. It is an uncontrollable wave of emotions, a disease that is hard to fight and sometimes makes you wonder if you are made for life, or if there is something profoundly different between you and the people around you who are not suffering from it. It is hurtful, and violent, and destructive. But it is not who you are. If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, you will find it again. If you don’t recognize yourself in your looks, or your actions, it is not because you’re becoming someone else, or nobody at all, it is because depression has taken over all the space.

I try to remember those things every day. My disease does not define me. But it is a disease. I need to stay hopeful that things will get better. I need to work at it. No matter how bad I feel, the only way I can really fail, is if I don’t even try.

You And I Are Each Other’s Star.

I like the way you make me feel. The way our bodies seem to know each other, the static that transfers in your touch, or the rush I get when I stare into your eyes. We’re connected like that, in strange and terrifying ways we can’t even explain. But we know. Somehow we just know.

When I was little boy, I believed in that human bodies were like stars, floating in this expanse of sky. Directionless. Bright. I believed that our lights would burn and burn and burn until we’d find the one whose brightness matched ours. And then we would set on fire and shoot across the sky together.

Sometimes I still believe that—that our souls are bigger than they seem, burning thousands of miles away from this ground we walk on. That we’re shining bright and beautiful, waiting for our fates to align, our bodies to crash into one another. Waiting for an explosion. And then we’d know it was love. We’d know.

I like that idea, that love is something we cannot define, but inherently understand. Like how our hearts subconsciously pump blood to the entirety of our bodies. Or how we breathe without thinking. You and I, we are like stars who crossed paths somewhere in this incredible expanse of galaxy. We’re burning, melting into one another. Growing bigger, brighter. We are filling the world with our light, getting ready to explode and flash across the sky in all our glory and grandeur. I’m ready for it.

Perhaps the path we orbit on will eventually change, perhaps we will shift to brighten other planets. But I can feel your warmth inside my heart, traveling like electricity through my cells.

I cannot find the right string of words to explain how I’m feeling, what this is, or who we are.

But it’s love.
I just know.