Always have and always will ❤

You always touch me with more than just your hands.
You touch me with words, with your heart, your soul.
There are those quiet moments when we lay together, skin to skin.
And words are exchanged, quiet, loving words.
And I don’t always need to hear it to know how you feel.
I sense it in your presence, in your care, your respect for me.
The way I know you’d fight my demons for me even if I never asked,
The way you look at me with love in your eyes.
I sense it in the way you listen as I talk about my day.
The way you never got angry with me even if I push,
You ground me when my moods are out of balance.
You center me.
Sometimes I can’t even imagine how I went on in this life without you,
Before we met,
Back when I was just a lad, so clueless about love.
I thought love was this wonderful thing.
And it really is, but it’s more.
It’s complicated and messy,
But totally worth it when you’re being held by that one person who just gets you somehow.
“You complete me.”
People think that’s a cheesy phrase, But if you’ve been in love…
If you’re in love,
There is no better way to explain it.
Somehow you’re the other half.
You mended my broken pieces and made me whole again.
And I owe everything to you for daring to love this wayward soul,
This crazy lad who can’t seem to stop loving you.
You have my eternal gratitude for making the first move.
I know my life would have been different without you.
You made me better, made this heart beat faster, my spirits lift higher.
You made me believe again.
In a way, you made me break out of my shell.
You are everything to me, everything I want.
I swore nothing could break us.
You’re mine forever,
My forever love.
I loved you yesterday, I love you still.
Always have and always will.
Always ❤


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